Successful Online Preaching

Step in Front of the Camera this Sunday with Confidence!


The seminary never prepared you for online preaching. Delivering a positive and passionate message to a device is not the same as interacting with smiling faces.


Engaging and keeping your online audience’s attention improves the number of views and the length each viewer stays online to watch the broadcast.


Teach with Object Lessons

Online presentations are visual. An object lesson breaks up the time, clarifies key points, and keeps the viewers interested.

Integrate Slides Sparingly

A few good graphics keeps your audience’s attention. Too many slides will minimize their alertness.

Present with Clarity and Simplicity

There are enough challenges with the new technology don’t make your presentation complex too.

Preach by the Clock

The viewers are not setting in pews where you have their undivided attention. Regular transitions every few minutes draws them into the video.

Include Technical Asks

Remember they are at home. Your new presentation needs to include asks for text messages, emails, phone calls, comments, and shares.

March 16th ...

New research showing 50% of Americans can't watch videos online discussed.

Need help reaching your offline audiences with your live stream?

"Faithful saints can still enjoy church. One listener in assisted living has her friends join her every Sunday. Others who cannot drive can still make it to church. Our audience is growing, and Gospel is not being hindered."

— Marty Swinehart, Grace Cathedral

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With PhoneLiveStreaming you will be able to

  1. Reach the elderly
  2. Serve the poor
  3. Include the rural
  4. Broadcast to those on the go
  5. Integrate with existing video streaming solutions, such as OBS, Resi, BoxCast, ReStream, Castr, OneStream, vMix, Wirecast, and others

“PhoneLiveStreaming has expanded Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' ability to be transparent by providing a real-time telephonic meeting streaming option to our rural residents.”

— Lindsey Daugherty, Senior Deputy Clerk of the Board, County of Mendocino (California)