Split OBS Audio Output for Streaming Video & Phone Audio

When adjusting your sound quality for the telephone line, does it impact the quality on the video’s audio too?


Using one audio output from OBS (Open Broadcast Software) for your online stream and PhoneLiveStream pits you in between compressing the audio for the telephones or maximizing the sound for the online stream. You can now have the best of both worlds with two outputs.

Adjusting OBS for Two Tracks

I wanted to show you real quick how do you take one physical input audio input into OBS and split that between your live video stream and your phone live streaming.

This technique builds on other OBS videos. (CLICK HERE for more instructional videos from our YouTube channel.)

We will show you how to set different filters and volumes between your live video stream and your audio phone stream. 

  1. Duplicate your one audio input source as two Audio Input Captures. Name one for your online stream and one for your phone line stream.

  2. Set the Compression and Limiter on your phone line stream capture device so the sound doesn’t clip when there is a loud organ or Bass mixed in your worship music.

  3. Under Audio Mixer go to Advanced Audio Properties. Select a different audio track for each audio source: one for the online stream and one track for the phone line stream.

  4. Under Settings select Output. Under the Streaming tab, select the audio track you choose as the Online Stream Audio Track you set up in step 3, and under the Recording tab, select the audio track you choose for the Phone Line Streaming Audio Track that you selected in step 3.

  5. Now adjust the volume for each audio source separately as needed for each audience.

March 16th ...

New research showing 50% of Americans can't watch videos online discussed.

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— Marty Swinehart, Grace Cathedral

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