Expand Your Reach

Those who have limited access to the internet and social media do not want to learn about the internet or social media. They now have a method of connecting with you! Using our patented auto-dial and broadcast functionality, your elderly, rural and busy attendees simply need to answer their phones. They no longer need to remember when to call, the phone number to call, or the access code.

Translation Broadcasting

Broadcast an entire experience in any language. Listeners can be on-site or remote. Allow listeners to bring their personal devices. Translators can also be on-site or remote. Our system allows for simultaneous translations. Add detailed statistics, and you have a world-class translation broadcasting system with very little upfront cost!

“Great service. Helps us reach several of our congregation.”

— Paul Jones

Structured Interaction (BETA)

With our new Survey feature, ask specific questions and collect responses. Use cases include asking for volunteers, handling live Q&A sessions & lead generation.

Event Specific Support

PhoneLiveStreaming offers support contacts for having direct technical contact(s), SLA, and other enhanced monitoring to make sure your event goes off without any technical issues. 

“It is reliable and has many options and features we never had before. Customer service is great too! ”

— Roger Sauder

Need help reaching your offline audiences with your live stream?

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With PhoneLiveStreaming you will be able to

  1. Reach the elderly
  2. Serve the poor
  3. Include the rural
  4. Broadcast to those on the go
  5. Integrate with existing video streaming solutions, such as OBS, Resi, BoxCast, ReStream, Castr, OneStream, vMix, Wirecast, and others

“PhoneLiveStreaming has expanded Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' ability to be transparent by providing a real-time telephonic meeting streaming option to our rural residents.”

— Lindsey Daugherty, Senior Deputy Clerk of the Board, County of Mendocino (California)