Resi & PhoneLiveStreaming together effectively reach every single person - online or offline.

Why Resi?

Eliminate Stream Problems

  • 70 percent of watchers will close a live stream after buffering second time.

  • Resi’s technology works well over the public internet with all its inconsistencies. This results in a more stable viewing experience for more people.

Why PhoneLiveStreaming?

PhoneLiveStreaming connects offline saints to your live stream with a telephone every time your service starts.

PhoneLiveStreaming connects offline saints to your live stream with a telephone every time your service starts.

Together, Resi & PhoneLiveStreaming can power your live audio and video on any device, for any person’s preference.

How to integrate Resi with PhoneLiveStreaming

Connect Resi (formally Living As One) with your PhoneLiveStreaming dedicated telephone number and live stream over a traditional land line.

This integration will automatically call each of your Live Notification Subscribers at the specified service times so that they can hear the audio of your live stream … live. We also automatically record your audio so callers, later on, can hear the last event. Once this is set up, it will re-occur each week automatically.


1) log into Resi and go to

2) Click the three dots to the right of your event under “Web Event Profiles” and click Details

3) Copy the URL following DASH under Persistent URLs. Make sure your URL starts with http and that there are no extra spaces.

4) log in to your PhoneLiveStreaming account

5) Visit and copy the DASH URL from step #3.

6) Visit and make sure your timezone is correct.

7) Visit and click the orange “New Weekly Service Time” button to add each of your service times.


That’s it. Let us know what you think! If you need any help with this feel free to contact us.

March 16th ...

New research showing 50% of Americans can't watch videos online discussed.

Need help reaching your offline audiences with your live stream?

"Faithful saints can still enjoy church. One listener in assisted living has her friends join her every Sunday. Others who cannot drive can still make it to church. Our audience is growing, and Gospel is not being hindered."

— Marty Swinehart, Grace Cathedral

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With PhoneLiveStreaming you will be able to

  1. Reach the elderly
  2. Serve the poor
  3. Include the rural
  4. Broadcast to those on the go
  5. Integrate with existing video streaming solutions, such as OBS, Resi, BoxCast, ReStream, Castr, OneStream, vMix, Wirecast, and others

“PhoneLiveStreaming has expanded Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' ability to be transparent by providing a real-time telephonic meeting streaming option to our rural residents.”

— Lindsey Daugherty, Senior Deputy Clerk of the Board, County of Mendocino (California)