How to use Skype for Online Worship

Can we use our Skype account to broadcast our worship service to elderly members?

Who Can I Reach with Skype

Online ministries are discovering that there is a Digital Divide between their ministry and their elderly, poor, and non-English members.

The Blessing of Skype

You know a brand has the ultimate foothold in the marketplace when it becomes a NOUN. You know… like “google it” or “xerox this for me” … well, that’s exactly what happened to Skype. If someone says “Skype Me”, it pretty much means “video call me.”

Some are implementing a Skype hack to make a group call of their church services.

Let’s take a look.

Once you set up a skype account, you’ll get a user name –and much like social media – you can find other skype users and video chat with them. All of this is free and it’s all over data – but if you want to take your communication to none skype users’ mobile and landline phones, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

It’s just a few bucks and gives you unlimited minutes.


PhoneLiveStreaming is the tool that splits the audio signal off of your live stream and sends it to the traditional telephone so that the elderly enjoy listening to your Internet broadcasts. Learn more at

Is Your Sermon Ready to go Live Online?

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