School Board Meetings

Imagine parents automatically getting a phone call each time a public school board meeting happens. Engage parents and guardians in their children’s education easily with auto-dialed calls every time your session starts. Also, organize incoming questions. Goodbye to mute mania and the wild-west of talking over other people and interruptions. Listeners can now also participate while easily multitasking.

Library Community Events

Ensure those on the go, elderly, or handicapped can virtually attend your adult, family, teen, and child-focused events that you graciously host for your local community. Callers can subscribe to be called when their favorite sessions start so they can listen in and interact. In addition, participants can now listen while driving, exercising, or stuck at home. 

“PhoneLiveStreaming has expanded Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' ability to be transparent by providing a real-time telephonic meeting streaming option to our rural residents.”

— Lindsey Daugherty, Senior Deputy Clerk of the Board, County of Mendocino (California)

Council Live Stream Accessibility

Do not leave anyone out. Reach everybody every time. Are you not reaching people in your community due to language gaps, income inequity, rural settings, physical limitations, disabilities, or age? With technology this easy and simple, no one misses out!

Translation Broadcasting

Broadcast an entire experience in any language. Listeners can be on-site or remote. Allow listeners to bring their personal devices. Translators can also be on-site or remote. Our system allows for simultaneous translations. Add detailed statistics, and you have a world-class translation broadcasting system with very little upfront cost!

"I like the way the system works. We have been able to extend our reach to those that do not have access to the internet which makes them feel so much better."

— Dell King

Emergency Notifications

Ensure everyone is notified all the time — no matter how close or far away they are.

Legal Proceedings

PhoneLiveStreaming integrates with WebEx, and Zoom to provide automated and structured access to legal proceedings.

PhoneLiveStreaming has partnered with Carahsoft to provide access to NASPO, OMNIA, SEWP, ITES, NCPA, and other contract vehicles!