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Free Easter Live! OBS Graphics (Open Broadcaster Software)

Have you ever wanted to update your bland OBS Live Stream with some nice looking graphics?

You can now use these free graphics to create lower-thirds, transitions, and backgrounds with consistent branding.

Is Your Sermon Ready to go Live Online?

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This kit of overlay graphics are static and easy for the beginner OBS user.

Each of the 10 sets includes:

  1. A lower-third also known as an L3 and used for introducing the presenter.

  2. A transition for moving between cameras or scenes.

  3. A versatile background for mixing supporting media.

NOTE: Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to install and use the overlays graphics.

The Benefits of Using Lower-Thirds

Lower-thirds are used to identify presenters. This introduces church shoppers to your team and gives them a higher level of comfort when they visit you onsite. It will build up your brand and let them know you are going the extra mile to provide a first-class ministry to your community.

How to use the Transition Graphics

They transition graphic is branded to match the other overlay objects. It provides a way to move from camera to camera and scene to scene. It keeps your broadcast from being too choppy.

Many Versatile Applications for Backgrounds

Backgrounds are used for

  • Welcoming viewers when you start your broadcast,

  • Giving instructions at the end of your broadcast,,

  • Making announcements, and

  • Displaying scriptures.

The three main overlay graphics work together for building your brand, and giving the viewer a better experience.


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Is Your Sermon Ready to go Live Online?

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