Can Free Conference Call Broadcast a Church Service?

How can we use Free Conference Call to share our worship service with those that are not online?

The Digital Divide Problem with Online Worship

The Technology Gap is leaving the elderly, poor, and non-English members out of your online worship.

How has Online Worship Created the Technology Gap?

Your online worship experience requires some of your members to make major purchases and invest time in learning new ways. It is not intentional, but your latest technology purchase is abandoning and leaving many feeling unwanted.

Connecting with the Lonely using Free Conference Call

You may have heard, “If it’s FREE, it’s for me!” You’ve probably also heard “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

One of the oldest players in the phone conferencing space is – and they are true to their word… it is in fact, FREE.

When the pandemic hit and churches had to go exclusively online, many turned to to get ministry out to their parishioners via the phone. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Setting up an account is easy – just put in your email and preferred password. You can also connect with popular social media accounts.

As soon as you get inside, you are asked to “make a donation”, but that’s the thing with anything “free”. You have the option to add your name and change some of your credentials.

You can select more intuitive host PIN numbers and caller PIN numbers – these fields are already populated for you and if you decide to change them, just be aware, there are thousands of accounts already in place and coming up with something clever that has not already been used can prove to be a challenge.

When you call in as the host, you’ll hear the “free Conference Call” announcement and wait for folks to join. Others will call in and be told if you are started or not. It is all pretty simple really.

You can have up to 1000 callers on the line at the free level.

There are a lot of features that happen for free. But it seems like the good ones require some upgrades.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is the pin number. It’s hard enough for folks to remember seven or ten numbers to dial – but they’ll have to remember another set of at least six numbers to get to your sermon. And of course, they’ll need to remember to call in at the appropriate time. Let’s hope they’re not lost in the Sunday paper at 11 AM.

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