Based on years of award-winning experience comes PhoneLiveStreaming.

About PhoneLiveStreaming

PhoneLiveStreaming’s founder, David, noticed that his elderly and rural friends could not participate in local non-profit activities after COVID hit. He sat down in one evening and created the first version of PhoneLiveStreaming to help.

Today, event managers, church communication directors, government entities, and audio/visual professionals use PhoneLiveStreaming. Our patented, next-gen audio live streaming platform enables organizations of any size to have the largest, most impactful reach possible. 

PhoneLiveStreaming Leadership

David Plappert, Founder: David's background includes 15+ years of non-profit & ecommerce IT in the cloud.
Stan Plappert, President: Stan's long background of handling legal and insurance are a huge benefit to us.
Hugh Plappert, Marketing: Hugh did big-data before the term big-data! He helps us explain just how dead simple PhoneLiveStreaming is.
Richard McIntosh, Government Sales: Richard's long history of government contracting is helping PhoneLiveStreaming be best positioned to support government clients.

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