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4 Reasons to not Desert Facebook and YouTube

Many folks have concerns about trends on social media and may question if they should leave Facebook and/or YouTube.

Here are four points to consider before making a final decision (and 4 great resources)

  1. It is hypocritical to stand for the right of a baker to not make a cake for a gay couple because they are a private business yet bounce on private companies when they make decisions about who they will serve. Our message should be consistent and not one sided.

  2. What was or is your goal on Facebook? Is it to preach and show everyone how anointed you are, or is it to minister to the hurting and reach your city? (See the link below on the Three Levels of Online Ministry.) Don’t abandon those closest to you who need you.  Facebook is the “postman” that delivers your stream to those connected to your members and those who live in your community.

  3. YouTube on the other hand is where people that are searching for help find you. If you are not on YouTube those searching will find help from other sources and miss out on meeting the Christ that can help them. Don’t leave them hanging.

  4. Have a backup plan. Facebook and YouTube are rental properties, and they can change the rules and kick you off anytime they want to. Make sure to have an embedded player on your website as a backup. If you don’t have a streaming solution that can broadcast to your website I would recommend BoxCast or Sermon.Net (see the links below.)



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